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Professor Doctor Ehtuish Farag Ehtuish

Ehtuish Farag Ehtuish (Arabicاحتيوش فرج احتيوش‎) (1 April 1953) is a Libyan Surgeon, prof. of Surgery and politician. He served as the minister of health and was among the first team to develop the laparoscopic surgery Hepato-pancreatico- Billiary Surgery and organ transplant in Libya.

Ehtuish Ehtuish  احتيوش احتيوش
Dr. Ehtuish Ehtuish Dr. Francis Delmonico, Dr. Debra Budiani at dr.ehtuish's office..jpg   Dr. Ehtuish Ehtuish [Left], Dr. Debra Budiani, And Dr. Francis L. Delmonico At Dr. Ehtuish's office in Libya.
Former Minister of Health
Personal details
Born 1953 (age 64–65) TripoliLibya
Occupation SurgeonProfessorAuthor
Known for Organ Transplant Surgery

Ehtuish served as The Director of Tripoli Central Hospital then chairman of the Department of surgery.

   Early life and family

Ehtuish grew up in a political family, His eldest uncle was a member of the house of representatives. His younger uncle was the Libyan ambassador to several countries such as Spain and Iraq. His grandfather was a tribal sheikh.

Ehtuish married on 16 September 1982. Has five children: Two sons, three daughters. All five children went to medical schools.


He did well in school, graduating from high school by the age of 17. Ehtuish studied medicine at University of Benghazi where he obtained his medical diploma in 1979. Ehtuish received his M.Sc. in 1986, Ph. D in 1988, S.Spec. in 1988 from the University of Zagreb

   Medical career

Dr. Ehtuish (Middle) Performing An Organ Transplant

Ehtuish began his career as a surgeon in 1979 at the Tripoli Central Hospital. Later he became the Director of the Tripoli Central Hospital from 1982 to 1983.

He served as the President of University of Tripoli at which time he banned university professors from giving private lessons with payments thus that all students can only study in the university for free. Ehtuish wrote free medical sheets where he had become an admired professor of surgery.

He was the Director of Medical and Drug Research Centre from 1990 to 1999.

   Organ Transplant

Ehtuish developed Organ transplant in 2003 when he had become The Director of the National Transplant Program, Libya from 2003 up to present. He has performed over 350 organ transplants. The program has a high rate of success with 95% of those receiving transplants surviving beyond the first year.

   Medical Books

  • Principles of General Surgery
  • Liver Transplant
  • Kidney Transplant
  • Ethics of Organ Transplants

   Political career

Ehtuish's most notable positions :

  • The Minister of Health.

  See also


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