Clinical Surgery (Arabic)

Category: Books I Translated
Pages: 1397
Year: 2007



Clinical Surgey By Prof. Cusheri.

Translated into 2 volumes by group of Arab Surgeons ;

Dr. Ibrahim AL Jabalawy

Prof. Dr. Ehtuish Farag Ehtuish

Dr. Basheer AL Jarah

Dr. Hussam AL Deen Khalaf


This book is a series of the Arab Medical Curriculum and is a distinguished reference that deals with the specialty of general surgery and is a guide for both students of the Faculty of Medicine and Graduate Studies alike. In this book, particular emphasis has been placed on subjects that are essential for medical students and practitioners. To facilitate reading, comprehension and comprehension, general characteristics were summarized and tabulated to facilitate the review of all common surgical disorders. The book also contains sketches and clinical images, referenced in four colors to facilitate the process of study. The book contains four parts, each part divided into several chapters. The first part explains the clinical skills and surveys and contains chapters I and II, and the second part is the management of acute surgical diseases and clarity and contains ten chapters. The third part explains general and specialized surgery and contains fourteen chapters. IV Inpatient care contains six chapters and a conclusion. We hope that this book will be a new building block in the Arabization of medical education, and be useful for everyone who learns it, whether students of medical schools or medical practitioners.